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                      Debt Collector In Dominican Republic

Hire  WDA Collection Lawyer services  for  The Management of Friendly and compulsory debt collection.   For More Information Contact Us Now!


 Our collection services include:

 1 - Bad Check                             4 - Bills                         7 - Credit Cards

 2-Promissory Notes                  5-Loans

 3-Breach of contract                6-Rentals

 Among Others.

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 At WDA QUICK COLLECT we treat each case independently initiating a process of collection 100% friendly in principle, always aiming to keep your company from losing a customer.

 The increased strength in the management of collections is given accordingly to the delinquent customer response.

 We have a team of highly trained professionals in recovery of assets, and thus we guarantee you the highest percentage of debt recovery before  starting the judicial compulsory collect action.

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